Do I Really Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Florida?

While searching for FL auto insurance, you will be told to purchase as much coverage as you can. It makes sense, being covered is extremely important especially when an auto accident occurs. When it comes to auto insurance sometimes you can rightfully cut back on your coverage.

When Can I Cut back on My Auto Insurance Coverage?

One reason to cut back from full coverage auto insurance in Florida is if your car, that’s paid for, is too old. Not purchasing full coverage insurance for your car does not mean you like your car any less. According to, an older car with full coverage will be costly. You can expect your premiums to be over the value of your car. If you are out for saving money, it is definitely not smart to fully cover an old car.

What am I missing out on if I drop full coverage auto insurance?

If you are considering dropping your full coverage FL auto insurance, you must understand what you miss out on coverage wise. Here are the basics of full coverage auto insurance. This auto insurance consists of comprehensive, collision, and liability. The liability section kicks in to protect another person and their property if you happen to cause an accident.

While your collision coverage will be used when you damage your car in an accident or a single car accident. Having comprehensive coverage will cover everything else involved as a result of the car accident. For example, a hail storm hitting and damaging your car will be covered by comprehensive coverage.

Remember full coverage auto insurance does not include any extras. These extras include towing, roadside assistance, rental cars, and others. With most auto insurers if you do not have full insurance coverage, you will not get the extra coverage options.

Once you remove your full insurance coverage, your policy will only include liability coverage. In other words, your vehicle will have no coverage at all!

What about full coverage on a car that I owe on?

When it comes to a car like this, the first thing to do is to determine if you can even remove comprehensive and collision coverage. Most times, you will see a newer car that has been financed be required by the bank to carry full coverage insurance until the car is paid.

However, just because a car is older doesn’t mean that someone straight out owns it. If you still owe money on your car, you are more than likely required to keep your full coverage FL auto insurance. As soon as you pay off your car, you can then consider dropping it.

Having full coverage auto insurance in Florida from Florida Insurance Quotes at is the best option for auto insurance. Without proper auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, you will be paying tons of expenses out of pocket. Therefore, think about it before dropping it.

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