Make it Smooth Sailing with Insurance for Your Florida Boat

You store your boat right behind your house, so you might assume any damage to it would be covered by your homeowners policy. Think again. Most homeowners policies cover less than $1,500 in damage to a boat while some policies don’t cover watercraft at all. Your best bet, whether your boat is stored on a dock behind your house or on a trailer right next to it, is to get a Florida boat insurance policy specifically to insure your watercraft damage on and off the water.  

What Does Policy Protect

A boat policy protects your watercraft from a variety of incidents including sinking, accidents, collisions and vandalism. The policies generally cover physical damage to machinery, furnishings, the hull, sails (if applicable), onboard equipment including sonar, depth and fish finders and even boat trailers damaged from an external source. While options and pricing differ depending on the type of watercraft you are insuring, you can get a specialized policy for everything from a yacht to a jetski.

Similar to auto insurance, you can also add additional coverage against items such as uninsured boaters, damage to another boat or dock, coverage for personal property and bodily injury for injuries or death as a result of negligence by the boat operator. In addition, you can add coverage for fishing equipment and coverage for towing whether you are stranded offshore or your trailer breaks down off the interstate.

Finding the Best Rates

Once you’ve made the decision to insure your watercraft, finding a policy at a price that’s right for you has become incredibly easy. Just like the Florida auto insurance market, Florida boat insurers have taken to the web with a variety of sites for researching rates and policies. Each company has its own boat policy section, and many of the same players in the Florida auto insurance game such as Geico, State Farm and Progressive, also offer watercraft policies.  There are also a variety of sites that provide rates for a number of carriers at once. You simply enter the type of watercraft you’re insuring, year of purchase, estimated value and policy type you are looking for, and a list of results is displayed. You can then click each result for further information and a link to the carrier’s site to sign up for a policy. You can have a policy before you power down your computer.

Protect Your Boat

Your watercraft serves many purposes. It’s a vehicle for family fun and weekend adventure. It’s where you and your buddies hit the open water in search of that elusive catch. For some, it’s even a source of income. Whatever purpose your boat serves, you should protect it just as you protect your home and car. A Florida boat insurance policy from gives you the peace of mind to know that, whatever may happen on or off the water, your boat and any repairs will be covered. Take the worry away and focus on what’s really important — cruising the open water with your family and friends.

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